Audio. Typo 26

The end result of the html page that will trigger the entire performance.


Audio. Typo 25


And this is the result of the placing of values of a font in Indesign. This is a presentation of the character ‘F’. The only readable reference to the character are the ones in the red circle. Just what I needed, a feeling of chaos and one that create questions by the viewer.

Audio. Typo 24

13 12

When the recreation of the character was done, it needed to be showed by it’s values. On the first image you see the values that were shown after reading the .otf file in teksteditor. To get a more graphic feeling I was going to make a terminal looking presentation. So placing the teksteditor values in Indesign wasn’t really helpful because Indesign didn’t read it. So I’ve searched for a solution by placing it from teksteditor to word to indesign again and this was no problem at all.

Audio. Typo 23


Schermafbeelding 2015-05-17 om 14.33.18



After generating my mp3 files, the next thing to happen was the typo. So first took a print screen of the phonetic video to research the font. Afterwards I searched to find the font that was used, eventually found the font: Calibri (Bold).


The next thing to do was to recreate the font in illustrator for afterwards putting it in font lab that will generate for each individual character a individual font. So each font represents one character and by reading through teksteditor it will show nothing but the character on it’s own.

Audio. Typo 21

First off, I started to cut every single audible character out of the original setting. This to connect later on with the typo in a html file. The html is the source to make it all happen.

Too bad the video don’t include any audio, but my presentation doesn’t show it either so.

Audio. Typo 19




1 2 3 Schermafbeelding 2015-05-05 om 21.42.50 Schermafbeelding 2015-05-05 om 21.43.19


At first, I tried to read a png doc. with teksteditor to show the vales of the document. But this wasn’t so interesting because I need to show the values of the font, and not the values of the image.

Afterwards, I tried to open a font that the computer already knew (Helvetica). After renaming the file to a document that teksteditor could read, a rtdf file, I opened it in teksteditor but the only thing i became was a blank page.

After this test, I tried the same method as above with a font the computer doesn’t know and this created a textile full of information (as you can see in the images above.)

Audio. Typo 17

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-17 om 13.00.24


The last sketches before the final idea of the Audio/ Typo assignment.

1. 3 CRT screens, each one resembles a specific field (typo, oscilattor, audio values). These 3 should be triggered by a push on the keyboard.

afterwards we’ve need stills from each screen to put in a alphabet poster.

2.The second sketch represents an visual representation of audio through an oscillator on a CRT screen. Upon these a beamer will be displaying the character of the audible character.

3. final plan, 2 CRT screens, 1 for audio (oscillator) and 1 for typo (values of a font). By triggering both screen through a keyboard each one of them will show you audio or typo. You’ll see the character ‘A’ but you wouldn’t know it. There will be no audio nor (specific) typo included in this presentation.